2021 Festival of Trees has ended!!!

Thank you to everyone that decorated a tree, that visited our location and voted for their favorite tree and those that purchased trees, wreaths, and beanies. We sold 21 of the 25 trees that were decorated! Thank you all so much!!!




Top 10 vote getters were:

  1. Assisted Home Health and Hospice
  2. Thousand Oaks Toyota
  3. Nick Frankle Family in honor of Heather Frankle
  4. Dome Construction
  5. Los Robles Homecare
  6. Los Robles Hospital
  7. Ventura County Credit Union
  8. K-9 for Warriors
  9. The Oaks Shopping Center
  10. Montecito Bank and Trust

And the rest:  Premier America Cr. Union Thousand Oaks, CR Print, Dunbar Plumbing, Buena Vista Hospice, City of Thousand Oaks, Girl Scouts Central Coast, Access TLC,  Premiere America Westlake Village, Conejo Awards, Conejo Hearing Center, Hospice of the Conejo, Rotary Club of Thousand Oaks,  Thousand Oaks Inn, Meathead Movers and Cumulus Broadcasting

Assisted Home Health and Hospice $1,250

Includes large Santa Statue

Girl Scouts Central Coast  $300.00

Nick Frankel Family in Memory of Heather Frankel $400.00

Montecito Bank and Trust


Access TLC


Thousand Oaks Toyota $750.00

Hospice of the Conejo


The Oaks


Los Robles Home Care $400.00

The Thousand Oaks Inn $250.00

Ventura County Credit Union $300.00

City of Thousand Oaks  SOLD

Conejo Hearing Center $300.00

Dome Construction $350.00

Dunbar Plumbing  $300.00

CR Print   SOLD  $350.00

Conejo Awards $300.00

K-9’s For Warriors-Aviara Real Estate


Buena Vista Hospice $300.00

Cumulus Broadcasting $1,250

Includes 2-3day passes to Stagecoach, 8 Regan Library and 8 San Diego Zoo

Los Robles Hospital   SOLD

Premiere America- Thousand Oaks $250.00

Premiere America Westlake Village $300.00

Rotary Club of Thousand Oaks $250.00