“A Volunteer Hospice and Grief Support Center”

Since 1977 Hospice of the Conejo has been dedicated to serving as a community-based non-profit, non-medical volunteer hospice and grief support center.  Our primary goal and purpose is to provide care, guidance, support and dignity to residents in our region as they face challenges with their own life-limiting illness and grief or that of a loved one.  Hospice of the Conejo is committed to providing a bias free environment and all are welcomed.

All services are provided completely free of charge, 100% of our funding is raised through private donations, fundraising events and grants. Our service area is South-Eastern Ventura County including Thousand Oaks, Westlake Village, Newbury Park, Oak Park, Agoura, Calabasas, Simi Valley and Moorpark, and surrounding communities.

As a non-medical hospice, we are uniquely positioned to offer our support outside the constraints placed on medical hospices by Medicare and Insurance. We can assist patients and their families before a six-month prognosis is made and no physician referral is required for our services. We are also able to assist patients who are still undergoing corrective treatment.

We also operate a thriving Grief Support Center, providing 50+ professional, therapist-led grief support groups every month…… always at no charge. We help people of all ages and all walks of life including seniors who have lost their spouse of many decades, adults of all ages, young parents who have lost a child or during pregnancy, teens and children who have lost a loved one, a bilingual group for our Spanish speaking residents, our LGBTQ+ community and a group people who are suffering the loss of their beloved pet.

We also offer our NODA (No One Dies Alone) program which provides volunteers who sit vigil 24/7 with patients who are in their final hours of life and would otherwise die alone because loved ones are unable to be there.

Our Patient/Pet program helps our patients keep their beloved pet by their side during their illness as many times they do not have the means to do so. Our volunteers walk, groom, feed and otherwise care for the pet.

Our Lending Closet of medical supplies like walkers, shower chairs, wheel chairs and commodes are loaned to those in need completely free of charge (upon availability).

We operate as an education center providing general information and guidance.

For a description of all of our programs and services visit our Programs page.

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Dedicated to serving as a community-based non-profit, non-medical volunteer hospice and grief support center, whose objective is to affirm life even when faced with life-limiting illness and grief, by providing compassionate, practical support and guidance to individuals and families facing end-of-life issues always completely free of charge.

We are committed to providing a bias free environment where all feel welcomed.

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Heather Toole

Heather Toole

Volunteer/Program Manager

Jesusa Chua

Jesusa Chua

Office Manager

Jean Bishop

Jean Bishop

Asst. Director & Program Coordinator

Susan Murata

Susan Murata

Executive Director

Board of Directors

  • Jim Robinson

    Jim Robinson - Decon St Paschal

    Board Member

  • Brittany Ho Sing Loy

    Brittany Ho Sing Loy- Dignity Memorial

    Board Member

  • Debbie Copsey

    Debbie Copsey

    Vice Chair

  • Tammie Helmuth

    Tammie Helmuth-Girl Scouts Central Coast

    Chairman of the Board

  • Roger Benson

    Roger Benson-Retired


  • Bruce Dichter

    Bruce Dichter Retired Physician

    Board Member

  • Dave Friedl

    Dave Friedl- CR Print

    Board Secretary

Grief Support Counselors

  • Dave Friedl

    Cheryl Zelico

    Grief Facilitator

  • Dr. Beth Haynes

    Dr. Beth Haynes

    Grief Facilitator

  • Dr. Leticia Ximenez

    Dr. Leticia Ximenez

    Grief Facilitator

  • Erika Budig

    Erika Budig

    Grief Facilitator

  • Laura Ayala-Clark

    Laura Ayala-Clark

    Grief Facilitator

  • Dr. Whitney Dunbar

    Dr. Whitney Dunbar

    Grief Facilitator

  • Dr. John Vangerov

    Dr. John Vangerov

    Grief Facilitator